Glenn M. Kraft


Hair: Brown   Eyes: Blue




2014-Angelia                                          Dillon McCormick                                  Silver Hand Productions (Supporting)



2015- Living Together                 Norman                                                              Allens Lane Theater (Lead)


2015- Escape The Room             Dr. Jekyll/Hyde                                       Swarthmore Players (Lead Actor)


2014- Table Manners                   Norman                                                   Allen’s Lane Theater (Lead)


2014- Lil Abner                                Abner                                 Mercer County Community College (Lead)


2013- When She Danced              Sergei Esenin                                          Allen’s Lane Theater (Lead)


2013-If the Slipper Fits                  Rob                                                         Soundstage Productions (Lead)


2013- Everyone Loves Opal         Professor Bradford Winter            Town and Country Players (Lead)


2013- The Pajama Game                 Sid Sorokin                                       Town and Country Players (Lead


2012- Sweeney Todd                       Anthony Hope                                Town and Country Players (Supporting)


2012- Julius Caesar                         Marc Antony                       The People’s Shakespeare Project (Lead)


2011- The Coffee Shop                Author, Director,          Millersville University Theater

Millionaire                                       Starred as Jack


2009-Godspell                 Judas Iscariot/ John the Baptist     Millersville University Theater (Lead)


2008- Hair                                               Berger                                 Millersville University Theater (Lead)


2008- Booby Trap                                   Tom and Mark                 Millersville Citamard Theater (Supporting)


2008- Into the Woods                     Cinderella’s Prince    Millersville University Theater (Lead)


Affordable Acting Training                     Ken McGregor                               Walking Fish Theater


Commercial Technique/On Camera         Mike Logan                                 John Casablancas


Essence of Acting/Business                    Robert Steven Lewison                John Casablancas



2010- Aladdin Jr. and 13                        Acting Director                                       Camp Canadensis, Mt. Pocono, PA


                Special Skills


Singing(Tenor), Guitar, Bass Guitar, Fencing, Basic Unarmed Stage Combat Training, Basic Knife Stage Combat Training, Improvisational Comedy, Accents, Firearms Training,


Licensed Driver, Valid Passport